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  • Elementary school students (age between 6 and 13 years old) must be healthy, enjoy sports and have a legal guardian in Beijing.
  • Middle school students (age between13 and 16 years old) must be healthy, enjoy sports and have a legal guardian in Beijing.
  • High school students must be good health and love sports.
  • Ordinary advanced students must be good healthy (no age limit).

Application for enrollment                                                          

  1. Training duration exceeding three moths.

Applicants can apply for admissions directly though the foreign student office by telephone、fax or e-mail. A completed application forms a finance statement from the bank or sponsor bank, a Physical examination record. A copy of the passport or identification card must be received by the foreign student office for consideration. Applicants under 16 years of age must have a legal guardian in Beijing.    

   Applicants applying for (X) or (F) visa are required to submit the admission notice (JW202) form and physical examination record to school the foreign affairs department will give final approval.

   The school can apply (X) or (F) visa for (L) visa students holding.

B.Training duration less than three months

Applicants can apply directly though the foreign student office. A completed application form copy of the passport is required for application.


   Open Monday though Friday (8:30am to 5:30pm.)


     Term length: 1st term: September 1---the middle of January

                2nd term: February ---the middle of July

     Class hours: Four classes in the morning, two classes in the afternoon.


                Lessons in the morning: 8:00am---12:am

Available Academic courses

Elementary school students:  1.Chinese 2.English 3.Mathematics

Middle school students: 1.Chinese 2.English 3.Mathematics 4.Physics 5.Chemistry   6.Computer

High school students: 1.Chinese 2.English 3.Mathematics 4.physics 5.chemistry 7.Anatomy 8. Physiology 9.sports administration 10.Health protection

Available Physical Training Courses

 Training item :  Wushu、Table tennis、Badminton、Taekwondo、SanDa、Gymnastic、boxing.

  Training time:  14:00—17:00pm (Monday—Friday)


    Applicants interested in individual physical training courses can enroll anytime throughout the year.


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