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Founded in 1958, Beijing Shichahai Sports School developed from scratch and went through 3 periods: 


1. The Sports Stadium administering the School (Apr. 1958 - Sep. 1970)

Based on the "Notice on Work in Sport" released by State Commission of Sports in Apr. 1958, which stipulated that all public sports stadiums, gymnasiums and sports schools should engage themselves in setting up vocational sports schools tailored for middle school students, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Sports established the "Beijing Shichahai Spare-time Sports School for Young People" affiliated with "Beijing Shichahai Sports Stadium". The primary aim was to publicize knowledge on sports, promote all-round development of youngsters and pool sports talents. During this time, the principal of the school was also head of the sports stadium, and the school Party Group was affiliated with the Party Branch of the Stadium. From 1958 till the eve of the Cultural Revolution, the training programs were in full swing. The school had more than 50 staff members, 15 full-time coaches, 10 part-time coaches (which grew up to 39 in 1965); it received more than 1060 trainees, most of whom lived nearby. The training conditions were harsh; only a few bungalows and wooden houses were available. The coaches worked with painstaking efforts and great conscience, grasped opportunities, nurtured numerous athletes for Beijing as well as for China. Our school has won the "Red Banner Awards" in news, sports, public health and education sector; it was even invited to give a speech in the awarding ceremony in the Great Hall of People. The professional excellence and spiritual legacy have laid a solid foundation for the school's later development.

Since the beginning of "Cultural Revolution" in Jun. 1966, the administration of the Municipal Commission of Sports was paralyzed; all trainings and competitions went unorganized. Since May 12th, 1968, the Military Administration Group came to the school and put it under military administration. Enrollment and training were stopped; all the trainers had to work in mines, the army and grassroots groups to organize performances and goodwill games for the workers, peasants and soldiers. At that time, the main task of the school was to engage themselves in the Cultural Revolution. In 1969, the school began enrolling students for training.

2. Spare-time Sports School (Oct. 1970 - Apr. 1986)

Ratified by the Beijing Municipal Committee of CPC in Oct. 1970, the Municipal Commission of Sports changed the "Shichahai Sports Stadium" into "Beijing Municipal Spare-time Sports School", carrying the major task of providing outstanding talents for sports teams and backbones for organizing mass sports programs.

The school is a division-level institution subordinate to Beijing Municipal Commission of Sports.  It owns the equipments and personnel of the Shichahai Sports Stadium. The Sports School also incorporated part of the programs of Xiannongtan Spare-time Youth Sports School and personnel from the Beijing Sports Trainer Community. 

In May 24th, 1984, upon the decision of Beijing Municipal Government, the "Beijing Municipal Spare-time Sports School" was renamed as "Beijing Municipal Sports School"; in Oct. 1985, upon approval of Beijing Municipal Commission of Sports, it could carry 2 titles "Beijing Municipal Sports School" and "Beijing Shichahai Spare-time Sports School". "Beijing Municipal Sports School" was officially recognized by the Municipal Commission of Sports as a secondary professional sports school where the students can get both sports training and academic study. It was not listed in the municipal Higher Education Directory and provides 3-level trainings.

After the establishment of the Municipal Sports School, the major task has been shifted from stadium activities to training due to the transformation of organizational structure. The guiding principle of "Training as the Core" had been high on the agenda, marking the shift from a spare-time sports school to a professional one.

During the initial period of the Municipal Sports School, students were still trained in the afternoon after having academic studies in the morning. There were classes giving short-and long-term training courses. In 1975, key classes were established and the students of these classes could stay over at school after training. To better arrange academic courses and sports training, a "PE Class" was opened where the students were provided accommodation, half-day training and half-day academic courses. In 1984, “Sports Class " was opened where more training programs were provided to more enrolled students. Till the end of 1985, the trainees amounted to 846. In Nov. 1974, Beijing Municipal Commission of Sports decided to establish a wushu team on the basis of the wushu class in Beijing Shichahai Sports School. The team was to be administered by the school, thus becoming the 1st professional team the school ever had.

In terms of infrastructure, the table tennis hall was completed in 1971; in 1974, the swimming pool was filled in and turned into a basketball court and a volleyball court. In 1985, the first building used for office, training, teaching and living (medical care and canteen services) was completed, thus providing an important material foundation for the further development of the school.

As the 1st pilot school for the reform launched by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Sports, the school took audacious steps in Jan. 1985. It implemented the "leadership of principal", "appointment system for all the staff" and "post accountability system". It issued detailed regulations, contracted with a fund provider for the boiler room, opened the labor service company of municipal sports school, tapped the talents of the teaching staff and accumulated experiences for future reform.

3.Sports School (since 1986)

On May 15th, 1986, Beijing Shichahai Sports School was founded by Beijing Municipal Commission of Sports with the approval of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality. Since the summer vacation of 1986, it has been included in the admission plan of Beijing technical secondary schools. The students are mainly recruited from middle schools and district-level spare-time sports schools in Beijing. Some talented middle school students from other provinces and cities are also included. The length of schooling is four years. All students are boarding students. They get their sports training and education at school. The major tasks of the school include: providing sports talents to excellent sports team, undertaking secondary training and training sports teachers and leaders. Till now, Beijing Shichahai Sports School has developed from an amateur sports school into a secondary sports-specialized school and training base for backup talents. The school remained as a division-level unit under the administration of Beijing Municipal Commission of Sports. The education aspect of the school is under the guidance of Beijing Municipal Bureau of Higher Education.

During the first four years since the founding of Beijing Shichahai Sports School as a technical secondary school, students took their academic courses at Beijing No. 40 Middle School. (Pupils took academic courses at Beihai Primary School.) In April, 1989, the Culture and Education Office of the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality named the junior middle school of Beijing Shichahai Sports School“Beijing No.100 Middle School”. The Academic Education Department of Beijing Shichahai Sports School was established in July, 1989, and the opening ceremony was held on September 1st, 1989.

In terms of sports training, the school began to classify sports teams according to different sports and manage several professional teams of Beijing since November, 1989. According to the classification of sports set by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports, the school has managed the training of wushu, taekwondo, boxing, sanshou, badminton,golf for professional teams of Beijing and the training of wushu, taekwondo, boxing, sanshou, badminton, table tennis and gymnastics for sports teams as of 2011. Besides, it has also set up amateur training courses on several sports for the public.

In terms of school management, according to the decision made by Beijing Municipal Commission of Sports in 1990, the school has standardized the management of the school through reforms on the responsibility system of the principal, target-oriented responsibility system, employment system and structural wage system. Since then, the school has always reformed to keep pace with the times, standardized daily management, run as a public institution, conducted an enterprise operating mechanism, and formulated detailed assessment criteria. Through these efforts, the school has witnessed improvements in various aspects. It has been granted “National Key Secondary Vocational School” by Ministry of Education, “High-level Backup Talent Base of Sports” by General Administration of Sport of China, “2008 Olympic Education Demonstration School of Beijing” by the Organizing Committee of the 29th Olympic Games, Ministry of Education and the People’s Government of Beijing Municipality, and “Demonstration School of Beijing for Administration According to the Law” by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.